Hypnotherapy, It's not smoke and mirrors but an effective technique to get rid of drug addiction.

**SECRETS** Of Hypnotherapy To Get Rid Of Drug Addiction
**SECRETS** Of Hypnotherapy To Get Rid Of Drug Addiction 

In psychology, hypnosis is a psychotherapeutic technique of introducing the patient into a deep state of relaxation so that he could concentrate on his inner world. In this state become more noticeable and clearer connection between thoughts, feelings and deeds of man.

Although in the modern media hypnosis is often criticized, it is clinically proven that this method is beneficial not only in psychotherapy, but in medicine. It is particularly effective for relieving anxiety or pain, and some experts say that through hypnosis, one can even reduce symptoms of dementia.

In most cases hypnosis is used as an auxiliary techniques in psychotherapy; in itself it is not an independent therapeutic method.

How hypnosis works

The healing power of hypnosis lies in changing and reprogramming the subconscious mind of a person.

In hypnosis the activity of consciousness is reduced, and the subconscious, on the contrary, increases.

According to many psychologists, to any deeply life-changing, it is necessary to change not only human consciousness, but the subconscious.

And since in the hypnotic state the subconscious mind comes to the fore, to the surface hidden and suppressed in the normal state thoughts, feelings and memories.For example, if a person wants to quit Smoking, he can do everything in his power, but a subconscious desire to eradicating bad habits.

Deeper understanding of the true but hidden causes of Smoking and changing your unconscious attitudes, the smoker is able to unlearn bad habits.

Under hypnosis the patient is not immersed in a deep sleep, don't force him to go against their beliefs or self-harm as some people think.

Hypnotized people will not execute any commands of the therapist, because he is constantly aware of where he was and what was happening to him.

Two methods of hypnotherapy

Analysis of the patient's problem. Hypnosis is often used to determine the causes that led to the problem or mental disorder, such as mental trauma or other negative experiences in the past, hidden in the subconscious.

Once the problem is found, it is possible to try to resolve it by other psychotherapeutic techniques.

Suggestion therapy. Hypnotized person responds better to suggestion, so it can change a harmful behavior, e.g. to quit Smoking or to stop biting nails.

In addition, hypnotherapy is used to change sensation and perception, and also for the treatment of pain.

That can be cured with hypnosis

Because hypnosis helps people cope with what they are difficult to handle in a conscious state, it is used to treat many mental, emotional and physical disorders, including phobias, stress and increased anxiety, panic attacks, grief, eating disorders (e.g. anorexia), insomnia, depression, drug addiction and other addictions (e.g. Smoking), attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity, pain during childbirth, problems of a sexual nature, nausea and vomiting in cancer patients and patients undergoing chemotherapy, symptoms irritable bowel.
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  1. Drug addiction leads to situations which can be life threatening too.This situation needs to be improved.People say that it is difficult to get recovery from drug addiction but it is not like that.No doubt addiction is complex but it is curable.If a person has decided to make a change,then in this case it is easy to get recovery.Counseling can help in raising awareness among the addicts and they can easily explore the best treatment for themselves.